YOU. DNA Nutrigenomic Test


Introducing your personalized guide to unlocking the secrets of your genetic makeup for optimal health, performance, and mental well-being. This cutting-edge testing kit delves deep into your DNA to reveal comprehensive insights into how your body responds to different foods, nutrients, physical activities, and factors impacting your mental health. By providing you with a holistic view of your genetic predispositions, this test empowers you to make informed decisions about your diet, fitness routine, and lifestyle for peak health and well-being.

Test Features:

  • Comprehensive Genetic Analysis: Utilizing state-of-the-art genotyping technology, our test analyzes hundreds of genetic markers associated with metabolism, nutrient absorption, sensitivity to various diets, and key mental health aspects, including predispositions affecting sleep quality and stress response. It offers a detailed view of your unique genetic makeup that influences how you metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and how your body and mind react to different environmental factors.

  • Personalized Nutrition and Mental Health Insights: Receive a fully personalized report that provides actionable recommendations based on your genetic profile, covering diet, nutrient absorption, and mental health facets such as sleep and stress management. Learn which foods to embrace or avoid to enhance nutrient absorption, manage weight, and support mental health. Discover your genetic predisposition towards vitamins and minerals, and understand how your genetics may affect your sleep patterns and stress resilience, allowing you to adjust your lifestyle for optimal mental well-being.

  • Fitness Traits, Training, and Mental Resilience Guidance: Beyond nutrition and sleep, our test illuminates your genetic predispositions related to fitness, physical performance, and mental resilience. Understand your response to cardio and strength training, aerobic potential, recovery traits, and how your genetics may influence your response to physical and mental stress. This insight helps you design a training program and stress management practices aligned with your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

  • Easy and Convenient Testing Process: Our kit includes everything you need for a simple and painless sample collection at home. With just a quick cheek swab, you can send your DNA to our CLIA-certified lab for analysis. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities throughout the process.

  • Tailored Guides for Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plans: Instead of generic advice, you'll receive comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides tailored to your genetic analysis. These guides include detailed fitness plans that consider your muscle type, endurance levels, and recovery rates, as well as nutrition plans that highlight optimal food choices, supplement suggestions, and dietary adjustments to meet your unique nutritional needs and health goals. These plans are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your daily life for sustained health and wellness.


  • Enhance Overall Well-being: Align your diet, fitness routine, and lifestyle with your genetic makeup to improve energy levels, manage weight effectively, reduce the risk of nutrition-related health issues, and support your mental health through better sleep and stress management.

  • Optimize Performance and Resilience: Tailor your training, nutrition, and stress management practices to boost physical performance, mental resilience, and recovery, whether you're looking to enhance competitive edge or improve overall fitness levels and mental well-being.

  • Personalized Health and Mental Health Insights: Move beyond one-size-fits-all advice with insights tailored uniquely to you, empowering you to make choices that are best for your body and mind.

Embrace the power of personalization with our Nutrigenomic DNA Test. Unlock the potential of your genetics for a comprehensive approach to health, fitness, and mental well-being. Take control like never before and pave the way for a healthier, happier life.

Disclaimer: Processing times may vary so please allow 6-8 weeks of processing time.

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