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Optimize Your Nutrition, Mental Health, and Training

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Octo Health is a HIPAA-Compliant technology company and never shares or sells your genetic information with anyone.


The YOU. DNA test is a comprehensive analysis tool that examines your unique genetic makeup, providing personalized guidance in fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Experience the benefits of truly personalized recommendations tailored to your specific genetic traits and predispositions.



  • Body Composition Response to Cardiovascular Exercise

    Learn your genetic predisposition to body composition changes (e.g., fat loss, muscle gain) when engaging in cardiovascular exercise.

  • Body Composition Response to Strength Training

    Learn your genetic predisposition to body composition changes (e.g., fat loss, muscle gain) when engaging in strength training.

  • Fitness Response to Cardiovascular Exercise

    Discover how your genetic profile indicates potential for improvements in cardiovascular fitness in response to regular cardiovascular exercise.

  • Intrinsic Motivation to Exercise

    Understand how your genes may impact your intrinsic motivation to engage in regular physical exercise.

  • Metabolism Speed

    Learn if your genetic profile indicates a fast, average, or slow metabolism -which can affect how quickly you burn calories at rest.

  • Omega Levels

    Understand your tendencies for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels which may impact your overall cardiovascular and metabolic health, as well as your response to diets rich in these nutrients

  • Pain Tolerance

    Learn if your genes suggests that you may experience greater, average, or lesser sensitivity to physical pain.

  • Protein Utilization

    This will suggest whether you may metabolize and utilize dietary protein more or less effectively.

  • Stress Tolerance

    Learn what genetic markers suggest about your tolerance for stress which may impact your ability to cope with and manage stressful situations.

  • Systemic Inflammation

    Discover how your genes impact predisposition to systemic inflammation- which may impact your overall health and risk of developing chronic inflammatory conditions.

  • Vitamin D Tendency

    Understand how your genes impact your tendency for vitamin D metabolism and utilization- which may impact your status and response to dietary sources of vitamin D.

  • + Many More

    The traits analyzed are hand-selected by physicians and scientists for their importance to health, wellness, and human potential and backed by stringent research criteria.

Stop The Trial & Error Aproach to Your Health & Performance

How Should You. Fuel?

Nutrigenomics -the study of how our genes interact with nutrients- has emerged as a valuable tool for optimizing athletic performance and overall well-being. By analyzing specific genes related to nutrient metabolism, absorption, and utilization- you can tailor dietary plans to optimize nutrient intake based on your unique genetic makeup.

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How Should You. Train? 

A fitness plan tailored to your genetics provides personalized guidance on the frequency and intensity of your workouts, ensuring that your exercise routine is optimally designed to align with your unique genetic makeup, which can lead to improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and more efficient progress toward your fitness goals.

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How Do You. Think? 

A mental health plan that incorporates your genetic profile focuses on addressing your unique predispositions related to stress response, sleep patterns, and stimulus control. By understanding the genetic factors influencing your mental well-being, you can tailor your self-care practices, behavioral interventions, and lifestyle adjustments to better support your psychological health, enhance resilience, and promote overall emotional balance.

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We deliver tailored exercise plans and recommendations to achieve your fitness goals, complemented by actionable items that enable you to take practical steps towards improving your physical fitness and reaching your desired outcomes.

  • Fitness

    Tailored exercise plans and recommendations to achieve your fitness goals.

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  • Metabolism

    Customized advice and strategies to optimize your metabolic health.

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  • Mental

    Personalized support and resources to improve your mental health and well-being.

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  • Nutrient

    Customized advice and recommendations on how to optimize nutrient intake for your specific needs and goals.

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  • Food

    Tailored nutritional advice and recommendations on food choices based on your dietary preferences and health goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can order a test for your child. Parental consent is required for children 16 and under.
Sequencing your child's DNA can provide valuable insights into their genetic makeup and help make better informed health decisions throughout their life.
It is important to note that the accompanying recommendations for fitness and nutrition are calculated for adults and may not yet be directly applicable to a child under 18.
Additionally, this test focuses solely on actionable health insights and does not screen for ancestry or inherited risk of genetic diseases.


NO. Octo Health is a HIPAA-Compliant technology company and never shares or sells your genetic information with anyone. Your data is yours and yours alone.


While most health recommendations provide general guidelines based on statistics, we take a different approach. Advances in genomic science have created opportunities to understand our bodies and make informed health decisions in ways not previously possible.

Our DNA kit analyzes specific genetic SNPs, hand-selected by physicians and scientists for their importance to health, wellness, and human potential. By analyzing your unique genetic code, we can create a personalized plan to optimize your health, taking into account your genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages.

Understanding your DNA is critical to achieving your health goals, and our approach prioritizes your individual needs and well-being.


While we can’t change our genes, we can change our behaviors to take advantage of what our genes say about our bodies.

Your genotype reveals the blueprint for your body. The ratings we provide you with reflect your genotypes for each gene or set of genes. This shows you your potential characteristics or traits. If your results show the presence of certain genotypes that suggest that you will exhibit either an “enhanced” or “below average” response, for example, this does not mean that the outcome associated with that genotype is definitely how your body will or does react.

Your phenotype is the physical manifestation, or expression, of your genotype. It’s important to recognize that your phenotype may be different than your genotype—not all the genetic variations seen in an analysis such as this are necessarily manifested. That’s because how the genes that you have are expressed is largely affected by your lifestyle and other environmental factors

While your analysis might show that you have an increased or decreased likelihood for having a low pain tolerance, it does not mean that you will, in fact, express that trait. Your phenotype for the trait may be different than the genotype the analysis shows.

Your genotype results are not a definitive diagnosis. This analysis only measures your odds for different outcomes, or the likelihood that your phenotype will express what your genotype predicts.  The field of genomics is a relatively new, but growing, area of research. Much still needs to be discovered to fully understand genes and their interactions with each other, and the role in which other influences such as diet, exercise, and the environment play in whether you will express a trait associated with a certain genotype.

That said, results from a genetic analysis may provide insights into how your body might function optimally. If you have a certain genotype for a specific trait, knowing how it might affect you and adjusting your lifestyle behaviors to maximize this information could make a difference in your health and well-being. Our team considers the results of your genetic analysis, along with an analysis of personal factors that you report, which may also influence how your body responds to provide personalized suggestions that may help you achieve the best results

Your analyzed genotype results are followed by a detailed explanation and success strategy. Our medical team has evaluated your potential response and taken into account what evidence-based research says about how lifestyle behaviors can help you attain and maintain optimum health and wellness.


Genetic testing utilizes a physical specimen from the body to reveal information about a person’s chromosomes (genes).

In addition to identifying key genes, information is evaluated about areas on each gene that may differ between people. These areas are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We use the  term genotype to describe the outcome of your individual genetic tests. 

We provide a genetic analysis that indicates which gene combinations you have in each category. You will receive a  rating based on our calculated score for each trait in a category. Some categories only have one gene associated with  that trait; other categories have several genes associated with that trait. Our calculated score reflects the potential  combined influences from one or more genes. 

There is a tendency to view genotype results as a definitive diagnosis and to assume that you absolutely have certain  traits, when this is not what a genetic analysis measures. Your results only suggest that there is a greater or lesser chance that you may exhibit certain traits or responses.  

To empower you with the best genetic testing knowledge possible, we have established stringent criteria for studies that we  use to help us evaluate the potential impact of your genotype for each gene tested. We select the largest and most  scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations for all  genes tested. 

Your results indicate which gene combinations you have in each category, and you receive a rating for each  trait in a category.